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Janis Nark is the best!
She really delivers content
and humor addressing
stress and change.

A Terrific Speaker with a Mission

Do you want your audience to be entertained as well as informed? Would the ability to embrace change and eliminate stress be beneficial to your attendees? Janis Nark & Associates can provide you with the inspirational speakers & motivational speakers that will speak to the military or your business concerning women, stress, speakers, nursing, change and other major topics.

JANIS DELIVERS with warm humor and scalpel sharp insights as only one who has lived her life can.  She has not just lived to tell about it but to translate it into pertinent, employable tactics for succeeding in today's changing world.

A veteran of both Vietnam and Desert Storm, she has lived on three continents, made a point of going where no women were invited, and today runs two different and successful companies.

She is an unforgettable keynote speaker, and multi-published author whose messages transfix and transform her audiences in their ability to deal with change and stress.

Her message:  Change is Mandatory, Stress is Manageable, Misery is Optional.

Janis' Programs Include:

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